About Us

Word on the street is that creative expression is the new currency. Don't fall short. Men like you can't help but stack up and show out. Based on carefully thought out designs dreamed up with the expectation of appealing to modern men of style, every Morazi style selection holds its own symbolic meaning and purpose.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Morazi is a Canadian brand committed to staying in the loop when it comes to current fashion and contemporary accessory trends for men. Our watch, ring, bracelet and necklace designs are lauded as being edgy, unsuspected and visually striking.


Photo credit: @jc_photography

Why blend in when you can stand out?

The choice is yours. Are you going to disguise yourself in a vast sea of basics or be bold enough to break the mold?

Inspired by the adventurous spirit of men who ignite passion in others and make up the modern progressive movement, our accessories and watch designs challenge conventional norms and push forward the new era of enlightenment.

We feel a man's jewelry collection should represent all aspects of his life.

Suit up for gym days with a sporty watch band or get dressed up for a formal event by adorning yourself with polished steel jewelry. No matter your lifestyle, your routine or the occasion, Morazi accessories go to bat for your unique style.

Our team is on a mission to bring you handcrafted jewelry, accessories and watches that confront and defy the status quo head on. Dedicated to ensuring a world class shopping experience, we back every watch and piece of jewelry we sell with a 2 year warranty. Put your faith in us. We do everything we can to deliver quick customer service, unbeatable prices and designs as rare as diamonds.

Always enjoy a safe and secure checkout here at Morazi. We understand ordering jewelry and accessories online can be a hit or miss. This is why we do all that is in our power to provide a safe shopping experience. Checkout safely knowing you're protected by the best technology available.

A self-assured man is one who attracts many blessings, good fortune and success. Be proud of who you are, where you've been and where you're going. Express your inner most dreams and desires by dressing yourself with handmade jewelry, sunglasses, belts, bags and more. Celebrate the beauty of life and natural born freedom with accessories that tell your story and portray your vibe.

Our Reforestation Efforts

In the process of creating quality products we also wanted to give back to our world. Taking care of our environment is important to us and we believe that if we take from it, we have to give back to it.  That is why we decided to team up with One Tree Planted, an organization on the front lines in the fight against deforestation in North America, Latin America, Asia & Africa.  

For each Morazi product sold a tree will be planted around the world and we feel proud about that.

One Tree Planted Reforestation Partner

Easily contribute to the reforestation of our natural habitats and beautiful world by shopping beautiful men's accessories for a worthy cause. Feel good about caring for the environment with every Morazi purchase.